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The impact of Fintech on international money transfers


Oct 31, 2023

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The industry of international money transfers has undergone a profound transformation, thanks to the financial technology (Fintech) industry. Fintech has seamlessly and efficiently revolutionized the way money moves across borders by integrating innovative technologies with digital solutions.

There are more than 26,300 fintech startups in the world as of 2023 with projections indicating a staggering sixfold increase, soaring from $245 billion to $1.5 trillion by 2030. The compound annual growth rate for this period is forecasted to reach a remarkable 19.50%, reflecting the industry’s strong progress.

The focus of this article is to explore the overview of fintech in International money transfers and the benefits it brings to you when conducting international transactions.

An overview of fintech in international money transfers

The fintech industry has significantly transformed the landscape of international monetary transfer, introducing both positive and potential negative impacts.

Increased risk of fraud and scams

Fintech companies, due to their innovative nature, can be appealing targets for fraudsters and scammers. Their relative novelty may confuse individuals unfamiliar with how fintech operates, making them susceptible to fraudulent schemes.

Fintech companies can be appealing targets for fraudsters and scammers.
Fintech companies can be appealing targets for fraudsters and scammers.

Growing regulation

Governments worldwide are implementing new regulations to oversee the fintech industry. This could impose additional compliance costs on fintech firms, which might, in turn, be reflected in higher fees for customers.

In instances of uncertainty regarding the reputation or security of a fintech company, it is prudent to opt for the reliability of a traditional bank or established money transfer service. Fintech’s impact on international monetary transfer has been substantial, primarily in terms of:

Reduced fees

Fintech companies generally offer more cost-effective fee structures than traditional financial institutions. Their lower overhead costs allow for competitive pricing.

Fintech companies generally offer more cost-effective fees.
Fintech companies generally offer more cost-effective fees.

Increased speed

Fintech companies have notably expedited the international money transfer process. While traditional banks can take several days for these transactions, fintech firms typically process them within minutes or hours.

Enhanced accessibility

Fintech companies have broadened the accessibility of international monetary transfer. Traditional financial entities often impose stringent requirements on customers for such transfers, while fintech companies typically have more flexible criteria.

Basically, the fintech industry’s influence on international money transfers has been overwhelmingly positive. It has not only expedited and cost-optimized transfers but has also made them more accessible, benefiting both individuals and businesses.

However, you should stay informed, and choose the best way to transfer money overseas with a reputable fintech provider to minimize potential risks.

Tips for using Fintech in international money transfers

Here are some tips for applying Fintech for international money transfers:

Compare fees and exchange rates

Fintech companies typically charge lower fees and offer better exchange rates than traditional banks, but it’s important to compare different providers before you make a transfer.

Check for hidden fees

Some fintech companies may charge hidden fees, such as fees for cash pickup or bank deposit. Be sure to read the fine print carefully before you make a transfer so that you know exactly what fees you will be charged.

Be sure to check all fees carefully before you make a transfer.
Be sure to check all fees carefully before you make a transfer.

Make sure the fintech company is regulated

Fintech companies are subject to different regulations in different countries. Be sure to choose a fintech company that is regulated by a reputable financial authority. You can check the website of your country’s financial regulator to see if a fintech company is registered and regulated.

Be wary of scams

There are some fraudulent fintech companies out there, so it’s important to be careful. Only use fintech companies that have a good reputation and that are regulated by a reputable financial authority.

Read the reviews

Before using a fintech company, you should read reviews from other customers. This can help you to get a sense of the company’s reputation and the quality of its services.

Before using a fintech company, you should read reviews from other customers.
Before using a fintech company, you should read reviews from other customers.

Some additional tips

Use a strong password and enable two-factor authentication. This will help to protect your account from unauthorized access.

Keep your contact information up to date. This will ensure that the fintech company can contact you if there are any problems with your transfer.

Be aware of the recipient’s country’s currency restrictions. Some countries have restrictions on how much money can be sent or received. Be sure to check the currency restrictions of the recipient’s country before you send money abroad.

DNBC Financial Group: a Fintech solution to international money transfers

DNBC Financial Group represents a cutting-edge Fintech solution designed to streamline and enhance international money transfers.

DNBC helps individuals and businesses send money abroad with ease.
DNBC helps individuals and businesses send money abroad with ease.

With a focus on innovative technology, DNBC offers a secure and efficient platform that empowers individuals and businesses to send money abroad with ease.

This Fintech solution not only ensures speed and accessibility but also adheres to international regulations, guaranteeing your financial transactions are both convenient and compliant.

Whether you’re supporting family overseas, making international investments, or conducting global business, DNBC’s fintech expertise simplifies the process while ensuring your financial transactions comply with regulations.

When searching for a Fintech company for international money transfer, It’s a smart choice to consider DNBC Financial Group.

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