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Create an invoice online with our free invoice generator in moments
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How to create an invoice online

1. Fill in your company and contact information, date and invoice number.

To create a professional invoice, provide your company and contact information, the invoice date, and a unique invoice number. This helps your client easily identify your company and reference the invoice. Additionally, using sequential invoice numbers simplifies payment processing and paperwork management.

2. Include line items with descriptions of billable work, and agreed rates

List all the work you are billing your client for in detail. This could include services provided, products sold, or any other billable items. For each item, include a description, the agreed-upon rate, and the quantity.

3. Add tax and calculate the amount due, noting payment terms

Calculate the total amount due, including any taxes, discounts, or other charges. Specify payment terms such as currency, payment deadline, and payment methods accepted. Also, provide your full bank details so your client can easily pay you.

4. Download your invoice as PDF

Download your invoice as a PDF file, which can be easily shared and printed. You can also add password protection to your PDF file for added security.

5. Get paid using your DNBC account

With DNBC’s advanced payment platform, you can easily and inexpensively receive payments from clients all over the world in a fast and simple manner.

Managing your finances has never been easier

Managing your finances has never been easier

If you work with international clients, suppliers, or staff, say goodbye to the costly and time-consuming process of slow international transfers and say hello to DNBC Business Account.

DNBC Financial Group allows you to set up account details for 10 major currencies, making it possible to receive payments in a timely and efficient manner.

Paying international invoices, vendors, and employees is now effortless. You can send money in 23+ currencies to 170 countries, all at the real exchange rate. Check your account, transfer money, and manage transactions.
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Key elements of an invoice

Let’s examine the 10 fundamental components that are present in all professional invoices.

Key elements of an invoice

1. Header & logo

Adding a header and logo to identify the document as an invoice simplifies record keeping, accounting, and tax filings. It also helps the customer differentiate the invoice from other documents, such as a quote or receipt.

2. Invoice Number

Using a unique invoice number aids in tracking multiple invoices and reconciling company accounts. Additionally, adding a purchase order number can provide an additional means of tracking business activity.

3. Name and details of client

It is essential to include the name and contact details of the client for record keeping purposes. These details should include an address, phone number, and email address.

4. Company name and details

A professional invoice should include the legal name and contact details of the business to avoid confusion and ensure that the customer can easily contact the company.

5. Date of sending invoice

Adding the date the invoice is sent and the payment due date enables the client to know that they are dealing with the most recent payment request and to double-check the payment date.

6. Description of goods sold or services rendered

Providing a clear line by line description of the goods sold or services rendered is crucial to avoid confusion, including the quantity of each item sold.

7. Cost per unit or product

Using the online invoice generator to enter the cost per unit or product makes it easier for the client to double-check the details of the invoice, reducing queries and leading to faster payment.

8. Tax rates and fees

Entering the details of any tax, shipping and handling, or extra fees that apply to the goods or services provided ensures transparency. Additionally, if discounts have been agreed upon, they should be included in a separate discount box.

9. Total amount with currency

The invoice generator calculates the total balance due from the line items entered, including the option to change the currency.

10. Terms, conditions and payment instructions

It is important to clarify invoice terms, including consequences for breaking the agreement, to protect both the buyer and the seller. Late fees or additional charges may apply if an invoice is not settled on time.

Benefits of the DNBC online invoice generator

Benefits of the DNBC online invoice generator

Unlimited free invoices

  • Generate invoices for your clients for free
  • There are no limits on how many invoices you can create

Get a printable PDF invoice

  • Easily share or download a PDF version of your invoice
  • Saves time compared to exporting Excel or Word templates
  • No need to worry about file compatibility with your clients

Save time with our invoice generator

  • Use a professionally designed template that’s compatible with printers and mobile devices
  • Organize your invoices in seconds
  • Have a full overview of your business invoices

FAQ about Creating an Invoice

Our invoice generator only creates invoices in English at the moment.

No, it is currently not possible to set up recurring invoices through our invoice generator because it operates separately from your user account, and no data is saved.

Create an invoice using our invoice generator and download a PDF copy. You can then attach it to your email or message to your client. Alternatively, you can send your client a link to download or print the invoice without waiting for the mail to arrive.

Yes, you can add your company logo using our free invoice maker. Select the logo box in the top right corner and upload or drag and drop your logo in place. Our tool supports both JPG and PNG images.

You can choose the currency you are billing in by selecting it in the invoice maker. To reduce currency conversion fees and keep more of your earnings, you can receive payment in your DNBC Business account.

Yes, you can edit your invoices using our free invoice generator tool. You can also add your company logo for a professional finish. Once ready, create your PDF invoice and continue to edit it with a PDF editor tool if necessary.

An invoice is a detailed bill issued by anyone selling goods or services, outlining the agreed-upon prices or fees and listing the products or services provided. The buyer then settles the invoice upon receipt. Invoices serve as a practical tool to ensure payment for the goods or services provided, create a professional impression, and maintain a legal record of sales.

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