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Unlocking global chances international payment solutions within European businesses

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Unlocking global chances: international payment solutions within European businesses


Apr 23, 2024

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In the market of global business, choosing the suitable international payment solutions with European customers and partners is a cornerstone of success. The diverse cultures and economies within the European market offer both challenges and opportunities for business expansion.

Knowing how to foreign money transfers and using the right international remittance tools can really boost your success when trading globally.

This article explores how to make transactions with customers/partners in Europe. Also, we will highlight the importance of foreign money transfer in global trade with EU clients and how DNBC can streamline the process.

How to make transactions with customers/partners in Europe?

Eurostat indicates that e-commerce sales in the EU27 (27 member states) amounted to €838 billion in 2022, with a considerable portion likely conducted through digital payment methods.

Fueled by a projected €4.1 trillion surge in B2B e-commerce sales by 2027 (Statista), Europe’s business sector is undergoing a digital transformation, marked by a growing reliance on digital transactions.

The European Commission is focusing on the completion of the European Payments Initiative (EPI) by 2025, showing a push toward a more seamless future for cross-border transactions.This pan-European payment system promises faster, more secure transfers, boosting business activity across the continent.

Europe’s booming digital market and well-established internal market offer exciting opportunities for businesses to transact with customers and partners across the continent.

How to make transactions with customers/partners in Europe?

Cash usage in Europe is declining. Debit cards are becoming increasingly popular globally, alongside the growing adoption of e-wallets, while credit card usage is experiencing a surge in certain areas. Mobile wallets are gaining traction, especially in specific regions. They cater to customer preferences and ensure smooth transactions.

Typically, online money transfer services are one of the best choices for international payment solutions. They have become increasingly popular in Europe, especially for transactions in Euros.

There are several key reasons why online money transfer service providers (OMTSPs) that handle Euros are popular in the Eurozone:

Convenience and speed:

Compared to traditional methods like bank wires or checks as international payment solutions, online money transfers are significantly faster. This allows for quicker access to funds for both the sender and receiver, crucial in today’s fast-paced world.

24/7 Accessibility

Most online money transfer services operate 24/7, allowing you to initiate and track transfers anytime, anywhere, with just an internet connection. There is no need for you to visit a bank during business hours.


OMTSPs generally offer competitive fees compared to traditional bank wire transfers. This can be particularly beneficial for frequent transfers or smaller transactions.

Transparent Costs

Many OMTSPs provide clear breakdowns of transaction fees and currency conversion rates upfront, allowing you to budget accurately and avoid hidden charges.

Security and Reliability

Reputable OMTSPs employ strong encryption protocols and fraud prevention tools to safeguard your financial information during transfers.

Security and Reliability

These providers typically operate under regulations that ensure secure transactions and consumer protection.

Benefits for Businesses

Streamlined Transactions: OMTSPs simplify B2B transactions within the Eurozone, facilitating faster payments between companies and suppliers.

Global Reach: Some OMTSPs offer international transfers beyond the Eurozone, enabling businesses to reach a wider customer base.

Specific Advantages of Euros

Standardized currency: The Euro eliminates currency conversion complexities and fluctuations experienced with different national currencies within the Eurozone. This simplifies transactions and reduces potential losses due to exchange rate variations.

Wide acceptance: The Euro is a globally recognized and accepted currency. This allows businesses and individuals to make and receive Euro-denominated payments with ease across the Eurozone and beyond.

Specific Advantages of Euros

The importance of international money transfers for global business with EU clients

International money transfers are the lifeblood of global commerce. They enable businesses to pay for goods and services, settle invoices, and manage their finances across borders.

Boosting business growth

Expanded market reach

International money transfers empower businesses to access the vast EU market without being restricted by geographical boundaries. This allows them to reach a wider customer base and expand their market presence beyond their domestic borders.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Swift payments and a streamlined transaction process significantly contribute to customer satisfaction. This fosters trust and loyalty among EU clients, leading to potential repeat business and positive referrals.

Benefits specific to the EU

Standardized currency

The Euro simplifies transactions by eliminating complexities associated with currency conversion and fluctuations across different national currencies within the EU.

This not only streamlines payment processes but also reduces administrative overheads and minimizes potential losses resulting from exchange rate fluctuations.

SEPA integration

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) ensures seamless cross-border Euro transactions within the Eurozone. Businesses can leverage SEPA-compliant money transfer services to ensure efficient and cost-effective payments to EU clients across the region.

SEPA integration

How can DNBC help businesses in global trading and global payment?

DNBC Financial Group has positioned itself as one of the international payment solutions, offering a suite of products designed to streamline the process of global trading and payment.

With the capability to handle transactions in over 170 countries and multiple currencies, DNBC provides businesses with the services they need to operate on a global scale, especially in Europe.

One of the key offerings from DNBC is the integration of SWIFT and SEPA transfers, which allows for efficient and cost-effective cross-border payments. This is particularly beneficial for businesses engaging with European clients, as it ensures that payments are processed quickly and securely.

For businesses looking to thrive in the global marketplace, the ability to conduct seamless transactions with European partners is essential. International money transfers play a pivotal role in this process, acting as the conduit for economic activity and growth.

By providing Business Account, Personal Account and Prepaid Card by DNBC, businesses can navigate the complexities of global trade with confidence, ensuring that their international dealings are as efficient and effective as possible.

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