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What is the cheapest way to send money to Moldova?


Mar 16, 2023

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Moldova was declared independent in 1991, so at that time few people knew about the existence of this country. Although a young nation, thanks to its attractive natural landscape, and growing technology, Moldova attracts a large number of tourists and settlers every year. Those things as a catalyst make a money transfer to this country become more and more popular and necessary. So what is the cheapest way to send money to Moldova?

What is the cheapest way to send money to Moldova?

What is the cheapest way to send money to Moldova?

Why do people choose to send money to Moldova?

Moldova is a small country located in mainland Eastern Europe with a temperate continental climate. Visitors here are often impressed by the architecture of the majestic castles and the vast natural scenery. In addition, Moldova is extremely famous for having the largest number of wine cellars in the world. Thanks to the magnificently built castles, visitors will experience it as if they were lost in a fairy tale when visiting Moldova. Thanks to the number of tourists visiting every year, many people choose to move to Moldova for business and trade. This is also a reason to increase international remittances to this country.

Due to the topography of the steppe, sloping and gentle to the Black Sea in the South, Moldova is suitable for the development of agriculture and livestock. This attracts a quarter of the workforce from many places. Moldova’s main agricultural products are grapes, wine, tobacco, vegetable oil, etc. With the main economic sector being processing and producing wine, it will attract foreign investors to contribute capital. into the agriculture of Moldova. This is also one of the reasons why more and more people are remitting money to Moldova.

Is the money transfer service the cheapest way to send money to Moldova?

Among the current international money transfer methods, money transfer by service is highly appreciated by many people. Compared to transferring money via bank or post office, it takes time. With the money transfer service , as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you can operate it anywhere. Or online transfer apps are very often accused of revealing customer information. Then with the money transfer service, if they want to reach users, they must prove the security feature before being licensed to operate.

Or another is that the cost of transactions via banks or applications is often quite high, in the range of 0.1%-0.25% per transaction. Meanwhile, with a money transfer service, the fee for each transaction is only about 1%. Imagine for people who have to do hundreds of international transactions every day, but through traditional methods, how much will it cost them? Therefore, whether it is transferring money to Moldova or any other country, a money transfer service is always the most cost-effective method.

How to send money to Moldova with a money transfer service in 3 steps?

People’s lives are increasingly improved, and since then the services for people are also increasingly simplified for easy manipulation. Therefore, transferring money to Moldova or to any other country is no longer a problem. Service providers always try to improve and enhance their interface so that it is easiest for users to use. So if you want to transfer money to Moldova in just 3 easy steps, is that possible? The answer is yes”!

Step 1: Register an account and update some personal information to send money to Moldova

The first thing to make a money transfer is to have an account. You will go to the website of the money transfer service you want to use, click register for an account and follow the requirements. An exact phone number and email address are used to confirm successful account registration. Registering for this new account does not take too much time, all operations will be in about 5 minutes.

Then you need to provide some personal information to the service provider so that they can make money transfer information such as full name, recipient account number, and address,… Please rest assured that the information will be kept confidential as required by law. Moreover, crooks will not be able to break into the system to take away your information or money because the website is secured with a high safety mode.

Step 2: Look up exchange rates between countries and enter the amount to transfer

Remember to always check the exchange rate before transferring money internationally. This will help to avoid over- or under-transfers that cause trouble for both the sender and receiver. Moldova uses its own currency called the Moldovan Leu, denoted MDL. So it is very easy to look up the foreign exchange rate between other countries with this country’s currency. For example, now 1 USD = 19.29 MDL or 1 EUR = 19.04 MDL. Some services will appear in a lookup table right in the interface for your convenience. Then you just need to enter the amount you have looked up in the amount you want to send.

Step 3: Make payment for the transaction

Step 3 and also the last step for a successful transaction is that you need to pay for the transaction. Debit or credit cards,… are accepted, and this amount will be deducted at the same time as the amount you need to transfer. After completing the fee payment step, the interface will display a successful transaction message. Very soon, the recipient will receive the money you sent.


So with just 3 simple steps, you can send money to Moldova with the easy money transfer service without any difficulty. Moreover, this method is also considered the most economical way to transfer money, saving a lot of costs. Stay tuned for more information about our other money transfer services in the upcoming articles!

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