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What is MTCN number?


Feb 27, 2023

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When sending or receiving money with Western Union, you may wonder “What is MTCN number?”

The key thing to track a Western Union money transfer is about the MTCN number.

It’s necessary to apply Western Union tracking to check the status of your transfer. MTCN is your solution, you can identify where your money transfer is right immediately.

When you do a money transfer, a unique tracking code is attached to it. That’s what it is all about. Let’s explain a little more.

What is MTCN number?

It’s a lot easier to track a Western Union transfer if you know MTCN code. Commonly, the beneficiary will not get notified when a Western Union money order reaches. However, both the sender and the beneficiary can track a money order with MTCN.

MTCN simply stands for Money Tracking Control Number. It’s a reference code with 10 digits long, referring to a particular money transfer. Basically, MTCN is assigned to your transfer to track your transfer.

What is MTCN number?

What is MTCN number?

There is always a unique MTCN code although millions of transactions are made by the Western Union every day.

Where can you find the MTCN number?

The MTCN number is printed on the receipt when a sender makes the transfer. It’s also uniquely available in your transfer history online.

If a beneficiary tries to collect the transfer from a Western Union agent location, it’s important that the sender gives the MTCN. The receiver should show the MTCN and the ID.

How to track your transfer status with and without a MTCN?

Tracking a Western Union money order online is easy. Here are 4 steps for you:

Step 1: Visit Western Union website and click “Track a transfer”.

You need to enter a 10-digit code and the sender’s name. If you are the receiver, you should know MTCN from the sender when they made the transfer.

Step 2: Type in the MTCN, then input the MTCN and press “Continue”. You will see the detailed screen, followed by the final steps.

Step 3: Select the receiver’s country, the amount of the transfer, the country where you are living.

Step 4: Follow the remaining steps to confirm your identity. Once you’ve all done, Western Union will give you the exact status of the money transfer and confirm the transfer status.

In case there is no MTCN, you can give some alternative information, instead. It includes the sender’s phone number/the names of both sender and receiver/the receiver’s country/the send or receive amount and the transfer date.

Follow any required steps if any. Once you’ve finished all that, Western Union should tell you what’s going on right now with your transfer. It can be still in progress, ready for collection, or successfully received.

Once you deal with money transfer, especially on an online platform, you should be very careful of potential scams or fraud.

Don’t give any personal details, (such as MTCNs, phone number…) to anyone that you don’t know. In fact, it’s better to save the MTCN only between sender and receiver.

If you’re a receiver, tracking your transfer online can be an optimal way to ensure you’ve got a real MTCN (not fake or expired).

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