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Best ways to send money online instantly overseas – International money transfer service


Jan 30, 2023

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There are many reasons that people sometimes transfer money online internationally. This could be an urgent situation like overdue bill payment, supporting loved ones who are overseas, business transactions or moving money between your own accounts. There are several options available if you need to send money right away, but you must select the one that best suits your requirements. This practical guide will walk you through every step of the process of sending money online instantly. 

Best ways to send money online instantly overseas - International money transfer service

Best ways to send money online instantly overseas – International money transfer service

How fast instant online money remittance can be?

Digital banking transfers across domestic accounts can now take place in many nations in only a few seconds due to the development of the open banking system. But that is an internal transaction, what about an international one?

We can take a look at the SEPA network in Europe which is a typical international instant transfer system nowadays. In normal cases, SEPA Instant transfers can be executed within 10 seconds. For unforeseen situations (1), if the maximum execution time of ten seconds cannot be met due to exceptional processing circumstances, the rulebook foresees a hard time-out deadline of 20 seconds. The payer cannot unilaterally reject the transaction until the moment it receives a negative confirmation message reporting its failure.

Another option when it comes to borderless remittance is SWIFT or Bank Identification Code (BIC). Transfers usually take 1-3 business days.However, depending on the bank and country you’re sending the money to, an international transfer may take longer. The following business day will be applied to complete transactions that are made on the weekend, on a public holiday, or after the currency cut-off time. Transfers using SWIFT take time. Your funds will go through lengthy anti-fraud and anti-money laundering checks before being credited to the receiver.

How fast instant online money remittance can be?

How fast instant online money remittance can be?

Are instant money transfers reversible?

Almost all international instant money transfers between different banks are irreversible, even in the same bank system, so you need to check every transferring detail carefully before sending your money. Your payment will be processed immediately after your initiation. Although a cross-border transaction typically takes one to four business days, this does not mean that you can cancel the transaction before it reaches the recipient.

How can I send money online instantly?

When you send money online, it depends on how and where you want to send it to choose your remittance service providers. We should keep in mind that it is better safe than sorry, so when sending money internationally online, you definitely need to find trustworthy companies in the industry.

Another thing to consider when making a transfer abroad is the fees to find the best deal. Typically, there are two fees involved: the outward fee (also known as the upfront fee) and the foreign exchange fee, which is a markup on the exchange rate that financial institutions apply when moving money among themselves.

If you find yourself living abroad, traveling a lot for business or personal reasons as well as having international business bases that need to transfer money cross-borderly, you’ve got the right place. DNBC Financial Group is a multinational company that focuses on “borderless online money transfer”, helping you manage cash flow, avoid the risks of currency fluctuations with the best transaction fees and exchange rates.

Let’s find the best way to send your money online quickly and easily with DNBC Financial Group with below simple steps:

Step 1

Open DNBC accounts online.

Depending on your purposes, you can choose to apply for a business account/personal account or both.

Step 2

Start transfer process.

Log in to your DNBCnet account which is your internet payment account via mobile app or web browser.

Step 3

Provide beneficiary details.

After logging in, you then choose the “transfer to other banks” option, and input instructions with recipient bank details. In this step, you need to carefully double check all of the information to make sure it is correct.

Step 4

Set up a transfer amount.

The amount of money you want to send abroad must now be entered. Please keep in mind that each client has a certain limit for external transactions, if your intended fund exceeds the preset limit, you can contact customer support to increase.

Step 5

Supporting documents.

In most cases, cross-border remittance is required with proof in the process of lengthy anti-fraud and anti-money laundering verification. It is better if you are prepared and provide these documents that show your transfer purpose to help avoid any pending issues that may occur.

Step 6

Perform strong authentication.

This is the last step in the process of making international online money transfers. To enhance your internet banking security, OTP or PIN code is compulsory. After completing the verification code, your initiation will be confirmed on the system.

Step 7

Track your fund.

Finally, just follow the transaction status on DNBCnet in your mobile app/web browser or contact customer support for any help.

How can I send money online instantly?

How can I send money online instantly?

Is it possible to send instant transfers anywhere in the world?

In general, you can send money online to many countries across the world. However, it depends on the service providers that you choose and whether the beneficiary’s country is in the restricted list or not. The best way to make sure your money can be transferred to where you want is to work with your service provider and clarify all the information before initiating a transaction.

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