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Pay is based on performance

Employees will get compensation commensurate with their abilities, contributions, and level of work. And here is how our bonus system for staff members works: pay raise in celebration of the Lunar New Year after a successful year of work. 10% of regular pay on April 30th, September 2nd, and January 1st (national holidays). Allow employees to take advantage of the benefits provided to them by Vietnamese law (moon festival, wedding, children's day, maternity, etc.). Profit and loss determine project compensation (if any).

Welfare benefit

The primary goal of welfare benefits is to provide employees with a pleasant and supportive place to work.


All staff being invited on yearly company excursions. Our organization uses these excursions to inspire its employees, help them recover from stress and prepare them for new challenges, and build a strong team.


During the trial period, there is a good probability of enrolling in professional training. Brief orientation sessions to help new employees adjust to the fast-paced work environment. Taking part in a wide variety of e-commerce initiatives. presenting possibilities for interaction with the evolving IT system. Daily routines of employees Supporting employees through life changes including marriage, parenthood, and illness by instituting visitation programs. Having a birthday party for each employee once a month." Upward mobility in one's profession."


Workers at DNBC Financial Group will have comprehensive coverage in accordance with government mandates. Welfare protection Medical coverage Safety nets in case of mishaps

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In addition to competitive pay and benefits, employees of DNBC Financial Group receive a wide range of other material and nonmaterial advantages as a result of their employment with the company. In other words, we are experts in matching candidates with open positions. All compensation, including base pay, commission, and bonus, will be provided in a transparent and equitable fashion based on demonstrated performance and value added.

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