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The answer is yes, but you need to know these useful information before you make a transaction.

DNBC Financial Canada Limited will divide into 2 different money transfer zones including :

  • DNBC internal transfer (customers have opened an account at DNBC).
  • Transfer money in Europe or on the globe

DNBC Internal Transfer:

Customers who already have accounts at DNBC Financial Canada Limited (including Personal Account and Business Account), transferring money overseas will be easy, fast, and convenient. Here are some benefits when you have business account, personal account in DNBC’s ecosystem

  • Free transaction
  • Received immediately after a transaction
  • Cross-border money transfer

Transfer Money in EU or on the globe:

Transferring money within Europe or transferring money around the world will have many required documents. In Europe, customers will need SEPA payment system, for other countries outside of Europe, SWIFT payment will be an optimal choice. Depending on the region and purpose, the payment process will not be as fast as DNBC internal transfer With SEPA or SWIFT remittance payments, you will be subject to a number of mandatory requirements when transferring money.

  • Document Requirements (Below are just a few of the required documents, Transaction Department may require your company to submit more documents)
    • Invoice
    • Contract/ Agreement for products, services
    • Foreign trade documents
  • A transaction of your payment may take 2-5 days since a payment order was created. You need to clarify the purpose of payment, the country receiver is not in the prohibited country, etc.
  • Charging fees of transaction