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You have the flexibility to make money transfers globally in several major currencies: Euro, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc, British Pound and Hong Kong Dollar.

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DNBC Financial Group provides an economical, easy, and rapid method of international money transmission. Through our platform, consumers may conduct transactions at the most competitive exchange rates and avoid unforeseen expenses. Depending on the type of transaction, the funds may be in the recipient's account within 1 to 5 business days.

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DNBC Financial Group is your trusted payment partner when it comes to cross-border transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more help for your business today with some commonly asked questions. If you have any question that you cannot find the answer to, please use the contact contact us page!

Normally, it would take 01-02 working days for SEPA transfer, and 02-05 working days for SWIFT.

You also have an option to transfer via SEPA Express, which can arrive on the same day your transaction is made, or on the following business day.

Currently, DNBC has indirect relationships to perform any international SWIFT transfer and in business with several correspondent/intermediary banks that support our clients in making international money transfers/receive via SWIFT Transfer.

The transaction time and fees will be heavily influenced by the relationship between our correspondent banks and your beneficiary’s financial institution.

Normally, it would take 02-05 working days for the transfer of funds to be carried out.

In the near future, DNBC Financial Group will expand the connection with correspondent banks around the world to support more currencies, lower transaction costs and reduce waiting time.

Please note that in order to transfer funds, DNBC Financial Group depends on our correspondent banks in some stages of transaction.

Should any delays occur, DNBC Financial Group and our correspondent banks will work together to help you in transferring or receiving funds on time.

At DNBC, each of our transaction will be carried out with reasonable price and suitable services.

At or our mobile payment applications, you can find both SWIFT and SEPA services. When you fill in the information at any of the 2 pages, we will automatically identify whether your transaction should be made with SWIFT or SEPA and direct you to the suitable page to give you the best option regarding time and fee.

Regarding the question, DNBC Financial Group does not permit additional charges for any intended transactions or activities.

*Note: The information provided about SWIFT Transfer above is for reference purposes only. Currently, we have indirect relationships to perform any international SWIFT transfer and do business with main cash correspondent/intermediary banks that support our clients in making international money transfers/receive via SWIFT Transfer. The term “SWIFT” or its trademarks means all registered trademarks, non-registered trademarks, trade names and company names owned by SWIFT. DNBC manages and supports our clients to monitor their transactions and send payments via DNBCnet.

With SWIFT transfer services recently implemented, DNBC Financial Group has partnered with several correspondent banks to offer our customers competitive fees and minimal waiting time for international transactions.

Currently, DNBC Financial Group can make international transfers in 170 countries and territories worldwide, spanning regions such as the UK, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, Finland, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, Australia, etc.

However, we also have a list of 42 prohibited countries regarding SWIFT transfer.

  • 1. United Arab Emirates
  • 2. Albania
  • 3. Barbados
  • 4. Burkina Faso
  • 5. Belarus
  • 6. The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 7. Central African Republic
  • 8. Cameroon
  • 9. Gibraltar
  • 10. Croatia
  • 11. Haiti
  • 12. Iraq
  • 13. Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • 14. Jamaica
  • 15. Jordan
  • 16. Korea Democratic Peoples Rep. (North)
  • 17. Cayman Islands
  • 18. Lebanon
  • 19. Libya
  • 20. Moldova
  • 21. Mali
  • 22. Myanmar
  • 23. Mozambique
  • 24. Nigeria
  • 25. Nicaragua
  • 26. Panama
  • 27. Philipines
  • 28. Russia
  • 29. Sudan
  • 30. Senegal
  • 31. Somalia
  • 32. South Sudan
  • 33. Syrian Arab Republic
  • 34. Turkey
  • 35. Tanzania
  • 36. Ukraine
  • 37. Uganda
  • 38. Venezuela
  • 39. Vietnam
  • 40. Yemen
  • 41. South Africa
  • 42. Zimbabwe

At this time, with SWIFT transfer, you can send money online from your Euro account to other accounts in any other currencies.

However, when you receive payments in other currencies, the fund will be automatically converted to Euro in your DNBC Financial Group current account.